blackberryiphoneThe smartphone market is not a homogeneous universe, but instead a fragmented and sophisticated market for personal productivity, personal entertainment, lifestyle statements and corporate mandates. Originally the mobile phone, c. 1980, was a business device since few consumers could possible afford the outrageously expensive convenience. From it’s earliest days however, the mobile phone was a status symbol projecting the owner’s corporate standing, personality and lifestyle rankings.

Smartphones, as the evolution and continued concentration of performance electronics retain many of these social attributes, but can enable the segmentation of users into two major categories: business and consumers. In this report these two segments and the leading devices serving each segment clash raising the question about the risk to the US market leader (BlackBerry).

This report of 6 pages, 224 kB and 2,000 words reviews the practices and plans of over 200 members of our global Mobile UC Panel.

Should RIM be Sweating?

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