The Brockmann & Company report, The Perfect Storm: Why Video Conferencing Will Dominate Business Communications, introduces the framework for accelerating the adoption of video communications in business.

The video conferencing experience is changing. It’s becoming more natural, higher quality and lower cost than ever before. Through the convergence of network updates, equipment innovations and high user expectations from home entertainment systems using HDTV and surround sound, the elements are present for a ‘Perfect Storm’ in video conferencing.

As is our practice with benchmark reports, Brockmann & Company segments user results along the critical performance variable, in this case, of video conferencing consumption, excluding those respondents not reporting usage, from least to most intensive users. Comparing the business metrics reported for the 15.9% most intensive users and the least intensive 15.9% of users reveals how strongly video conferencing is an indicator for better business performance. In terms of video conferencing consumption, the Top Performers invested 50 times more time in video conferences than the Poor Performers.

This translates into superior business performance for Top Performers as compared to Poor Performers:

  • 20% more very satisfied customers
  • 72% more very satisfied employees
  • 85% more revenue per employee
  • 20% more market share
  • 5.5 times higher satisfaction with the conferencing experience

So, there are compelling business reasons to invest in video conferencing, to improve the productivity and speed of collaborations and therefore accelerate the business itself.