Peter Winters, President of Haddock Research and Branding, meant to travel to the UK earlier in April to deliver his presentation on 5 Top Tips on How To Market Your Low Carbon Product, except his flight was cancelled due to the Icelandic volcano. His UK-based partner, James Ambler did the presentation, and we are the beneficiary of a Brainshark that showcases their thoughtful insights here, as a free presentation until Friday, April 30. Starting May 1, it’ll require a $30 fee to view.

Top 5 Tips are:


  1. Think of public interest in climate change as a niche – some messages resonate with ‘climate citizens’ while antagonizing the ‘skeptics’.
  2. Provide an integrated value proposition – associating your brand only with an emotional appeal could hurt.
  3. Consider existing high-carbon attachments – ‘Coal’ is not as dirty a word in the UK as it may seem to be. In fact most associated the word with warmth (as in heating fuel).
  4. ‘The active low-carbon consumer’ varies by industry sector – Travelers who are Green Citizens don’t like the idea of taxing air travel more, but would appreciate a telepresence solution.
  5. In communications think ‘of metaphors & men’ – beautiful nature was hottest among UK women, while Americans could care less. Motorcycles are huge among middle-aged Canadian men, who are a big part of the segment of skeptics.
This is very thought provoking research.


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