We live in a world of instant information gratification and marketers must accelerate their contribution to the business, or fall below the much more relevant. Most formal marketing education institutions have only begun to educate the up-and-comers in the generalities let alone the specifics of modern, real-time marketing.

So, what’s that customer experience like?

With a glance at our mobile phones, we can discover the average wait time at each of the Disney rides within a 10-minute walk of our precise location. We can place our orders for today’s specials without waiting for the charming waitress to recite her daily mantra, and usually even before we arrive at our table at the restaurant. We can discover what others have said about their experience with your product or service and factor that in our decision to share our names with your company, let alone before our decision to purchase.

No website is an island. Virtually all sites are available for discovery using search engines such as Google and Bing. In fact, Google is the ultimate arbitrator in a universe where they choose the premium, something the anti-net neutrality backers hope to be free to challenge.

This six-page report reviews content engineering and sticky content. It discuses several keys to successful search engine optimization and better business results.

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