xboxlogoChristmas 2008 was awesome for me. My two sons – aged 20 and 18 – collaborated to buy me an XBox. I was really moved by their generosity. What a hoot the winter has been. Between Halo 3 and Call of Duty, my eye-hand coordination can only get better… or else…

Our youngest son, who has been developing his expertise playing XBox Live (he paid for this not me), wanted to download more sophisticated maps, but sadly the tiny 64 MB flash storage card is too small for these 468 MB files. So, he ordered a 120 G hard drive from an eBay seller in Hong Kong. I was a little leery about attaching what looked like a counterfeit product, but let him proceed anyways. He attached (there were no instructions in the package) the drive and restarted the console.

And that's when we got Error E68.

So, as good users are wont to do, he did a search on for error E68 and got several suggestions which he did or already had done. By doing a YouTube search, Paul discovered a movie showing an XBox user getting the XBox to recognize the new hardware by simply turning off the console, unplugging the monitor cable, plugging the monitor cable and then restarting the console. And, Voila! that worked.

Sounds kinda silly to me. Reconnect the monitor cable to recognize the hard drive? weird. To me, this is like fixing the carbuerator of your car by rotating the tires. 

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