Involve everybody. Start small, grow fast. It’s about the content not the technology.

Gimme a break. I stumbled across this presentation this morning. Big black screen, giant font. Yuck. It was some Microsoft dude talking about their experience rolling out the enterprise podcasting platform. Not that he was a bad presenter. It was the jist of the talk that got me going. Content – weak.

I probably shouldn’t flame the fellow too much. I did arrive late.

I’m attending the Enterprise 2.0 conference held every June in Boston; this time it was again at the Westin Hotel at the Convention Center.I like going because it is one of the few enterprise shows that manages to¬†attract more users than vendors. Besides IBM, Microsoft and Newsgator, there are very few repeat exhibitors. I like going because I get to take my motorcycle if it’s not raining. I like going because the Media Center people are very professional and very nice.

Note to self about presentations: stay away from the platitudes. Tell anecdotes. Audiences like the real-life aspects of war stories – think History channel.

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