Imagine the all-time greatest coaches in the history of the NFL.  Many would include the Pittsburgh Steelers’ Chuck Noll, the Green Bay Packers’ Vince Lombardi, and the one I believe is the most iconic of them all, the Dallas Cowboys’ Tom Landry.

According to ESPN’s latest poll to get fans excited about the Super Bowl, the “Vote for the greatest players All-time Super Bowl Team“, Tom Landry was not even listed for voting.  Apparently building America’s most iconic football franchise, the Dallas Cowboys, and leading them to five Super Bowls in eight years in the 1970s, including winning it twice does not mean anything to ESPN. Tom Landry

Being the father of “America’s Team” and its many exploits of the 1970s means nothing.  Apparently laying the seeds for the resurrection of the city of Dallas from being the city of an assassin and making it the home of the Cowboys has no meaning for ESPN and its pressing need to make every second that passes the most unbelievable moment in sporting history.

Of course Landry is not alone in being snubbed from this list, two time Super Bowl Champion John Elway was never mentioned, as well as two time Super Bowl winning coach Jimmy Johnson.  Overall I realize that this All-time Super Bowl Team means nothing in the end, Landry has cemented himself in the Pro Football Hall of Fame as one of the all-time greats, but it’s fact that this great legend of the game was snubbed that irks me.  But I guess I can be satisfied that even though Landry was left in the shadows in this ESPN poll, he will always be revered by one famous person, Homer Simpson.

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