April 29, 2008 – Northborough MA -<a xhref="http://www.brockmann.com">Brockmann & Company, the customer insight firm</a> today released its latest report, entitled "The Executives Guide to HD Video Conferencing." The report discusses the fundamentals of why High Definition video conferencing is different today than legacy video conferencing.

E"Prudent executives ask 'WHY should we do this?' while others ask "Why should we do THIS?'", said Peter Brockmann, President of Brockmann & Company and author of the report. "In this report we answer both of these questions and a few more."

Participants in the research also described the three Critical Success Factors to successful enterprise rollouts of HD video conferencing. Adoption, Accessibility and Quality require serious corporate thought to assure that the service becomes imbedded into the corporate culture and work processes.

"Even with a focus on the <strong>Critical Success Factors</strong>, executives should review a few other Considerations to enhance the value of the investment," said Brockmann.

The report is available for a limited time for free download at http://www.brockmann.com.

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