femtoforumWith the professed goal of

promoting femtocell technologies through open standards, market education and ecosystem development

 the seven originating founders Airvana, ip.access, NETGEAR, picoChip, RadioFrame, Tatara and Ubiquisys have achieved the first step – get a like-minded multi-vendor group together to promote the solution space, name it the Femtoforum, setup a website, issue a press release and have a meeting. Working groups have been formed to handle pre-competitive standards-focused issues such as radio planning & control, device provisioning & management and device-to-network standardization. A marketing task force will promote femto solutions across the industry. 

Femtocells are alternatives to WiFi access points for access to carrier wireless networks and services. They use low power licenced spectrum and are therefore dependent on mobile operator approval and spectrum planning particularly if many users locate their femtocells in the same building for example.

Brockmann & Company plans to follow the development of this market particularly as it relates to enterprise FMC services.


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