In collaboration with the Human Productivity Lab, Brockmann & Company have developed two reports that are like book ends. They’re complimentary in that they go together. The Inter-Company Telepresence and Video Conferencing Handbook is available for free download (login required) and is a vendor-sponsored report. It reviews the issues, the technologies and provides a number of enterprise recommendations for improving your firm’s inter-company telepresence and video conferencing experience.

The Inter-Company Telepresence and Video Conferencing Exchange Review is the industry’s first comprehensive survey of the inter-company exchange service market. Although small in revenues, the Exchange service marketplace is critical for the continuing growth of the telepresence and video conferencing services and equipment markets. Like the telephone company operation of the first half of the 20th century, most inter-company sessions are established manually. We expect that to rapidly change as competition in these services drives innovation, lower prices and higher utilization.

The Exchange Review is not available for free download. The Exchange Review is available (starting Wednesday February 17, 2010) for a one-time subscription fee of $1,750. Between now and then, you can pre-order the Exchange Review by faxing in the order form described here. Pre-orders receive a 20% discount so you can reserve your copy of the report for only $1,400. Save $350!

Starting on Wednesday, you can order your specially licensed copy by completing a PayPal transaction which handles credit card transactions too.

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