I’ve been searching for information on the history of audio conferencing and somehow came across this really interesting Google resource. I’m blogging about it because I don’t know quite how to repeat my success. My usual sources – the [[Wikipedia]] and failed to get many relevant, credible details.

I think I inadvertently clicked on the ‘Timeline’ link in the left hand margin which generates a chronological presentation incorporating the above graphic in an interactive format.

audioconferencinghistory2The Timeline feature shown at left on some searches delivers a kind of chronological analysis of press releases, articles, blog posts and corporate history claims organized chronologically. What’s cool is that it’s the claim of chronological sorting not necessarily the date of posting (which is very useful in a young phenomenon like the web – commercialized in 1995).

So a relatively credible post claiming some event occurring with respect to the topic at hand in 1910 is part of the 1910 history scene. This is really useful to us researchers and history buffs. In fact, one of my favorite cable TV channels is the History channel (except for the silly paranormal ghosthunters and Dan Brown shows). Hopefully we’ll discover more search results like this.

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