Well, I surprised myself this week.

Map My Run and my iPhone 6s provide the evidence to support my claim that I ran at Mach 3.5.

It was so beautiful out at 4:45 pm this past Wednesday here in sunny central Massachusetts, I decided to go for a run outdoors. That’s something unheard of, for me since I usually treadmill from November through March. However, this day, I couldn’t resist the warm temperature and the clear pavement/sidewalks and very limited puddle sites. So I dressed up with my fancy bright yellow running shirt and got my ear buds together (I don’t use these on the treadmill since the machine is sooo noisy anyways, closed caption on Netflix is a godsend), got my playlist engaged and setup Map My Run to record my wonderful late February run.

I glanced to make sure the app knew I would be running this time and not treadmilling which it did. I didn’t think anything of it that it thought I was in downtown San Francisco, until 10 minutes or so into the run when I expected a coaching message and got nothing. I ran farther, and still nothing. Then I looked at the iPhone, thinking it thought I was doing a treadmill exercise in which case there would be no coaching message. It showed I was still in downtown San Francisco and hadn’t moved an inch let alone descended a hill or run for 10 minutes already. Arghhh.

I restarted the iPhone and on restart finally got the coaching message of a lifetime:

“You’ve run 2,668 miles in 0 seconds. Blitz speed 0 seconds per mile.”

Amazed, I glanced at the iPhone and saw that it was correctly recording me somewhere in central Northborough MA pretty close to where I was actually standing. That’s when it dawned on me that I’d been blessed with an amazing amount of super human speed.

I cautiously finished my run, which accounts for the other 3 miles since the first report of my super power and realized that I had a duty to share the news.

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