podhotel_logoMy 20-something daughters want to go to New York for a day on the town and arranged to stay in the city at the Pod Hotel

This place has all the cool amenities that appeal to young people: bunk beds with separate lights and TVs, free WiFi, iPod alarm systems, terraces and the most interesting attribute to me… 

… the use of social networking services to enhance the guest experience.

Once you register a room, you get a password to the forum emailed to you.

That password opens you to a complete guests-only portal where you can post a message for friends, ask for company to go out to dinner with and go to drinks with folks. Something that lots of people look for when they visit a new town for fun (New York City is kinda like that) is little things to find other fun-minded people.

The hotel can post notices to all guests about special promotions and great fun. 

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