With all the hype about the Apple iPhone, and with Gartner 's recommendation for IT to avoid it like the plague (it doesn't do Windows!) I would hope that the enterprise Fixed-Mobile Convergence companies – Agito ,  DiVitas , FirstHand Technologies , OnRelay – and maybe even Iotum ought to jump on this wagon and declare their goal to be the first to support the iPhone with an enterprise-deflected call control service.

That would be the top of cool. How 'bout it guys?

What would it take? A couple engineers a couple days?

It is a dual mode phone. Maybe there's a backdoor that won't cause the same problems for users as the Microsoft Mobile dual mode devices did. There, the earpiece was only routed to the cell radio, so WiFi VoIP sessions had to use the speakerphone — pretty poor result.

You would have the cool enterprise user begging to find a way to get what they want without the lame excuses from IT. You can do it.

It wouldn't be the first time that users dragged IT into a service kicking and screaming. Internet was like that. So was the web browser – thank goodness Microsoft gave the browser for free, oh yeah so did Netscape. So was the BlackBerry and the WiFi access point under my desk. Just think of where we would be if everyone listened to IT? [Back staring at the green screens. Remember, Gartner also said that PCs had higher Total Cost of Ownership compared to mainframes and minicomputers (remember DEC), and that they would never pay for themselves.] 

Let's get a little rocky eh? Liberate the users! 

— P 

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