Modern business today is a mobile business. It’s a converged voice and data and wireless enterprise.

This section of our website is for mobile unified communications (mobile UC) to discuss and document this next wave of convergence.

We’ve segmented our analysis and comments into these sections and categories of


  • Mobile UC Reports – various research reports available for free download.
  • Mobile UC Business – the business dimensions of mobility are discussed and reviewed. Mobile Commerce and other topics.
  • Mobile UC Application Reviews – our reviews of the applications enabling mobile UC on a large scale suitable for enterprise control, security.
  • Mobile UC Product Reviews – the products of enterprise mobile UC.
  • Mobile UC Service Reviews – the hosted service providers can enable mobile UC for customers.
  • Mobile Devices Reviews – most device reviews check out the device for its fit and feature competitiveness for consumers. We analyze devices as to their suitability to business applications and services like mobile UC. Do they help or hinder the mobile UC experience?
  • Mobile UC Observations (aka Mobile UC Musings) – opinion posts on mobile topics.


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