Here’s a smart group of people who have figured out the way to improve the efficiency of Li-ion power packs.

Amazing surface science at work here.

I get to travel around the country (and sometimes the world) making speeches and giving presentations from time to time, and every now and then I think about the roadblocks to the key markets in Mobile VoIP, something that my employer, SIPquest, is very interested in blowing away.

Lately, I’ve been thinking about the challenge of WiFi power management. The radio must be on and the device ready to accept a call. This sounds pretty simple, because the cellular industry has managed, over the past two decades, to reduce the battery from 90% of the weight of the device to less than 50%. However, it is not so simple in a WiFi setting. Here the radio, because of its proximity and low power transmission design, is quite ‘chatty.’ Chatty translates into short battery time for the dual mode devices emerging.

Here is a company, A123 Systems, with battery chemistry technology that looks very, very promising. A friend of mine turned me onto this company. Most compelling technology. I agree that the industry needs to get smart on managing power.

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