Organizational design is important for cross-industry associations.

OK, so the MobileIGNITE group is now in a 'MOU' state of operation. Several of the members have come together to formalize the 'club' into a 501.3(c) corporation and to decouple it from the founding player (BridgePort Networks), who no doubt will continue to play a leading role in the MOU organization's transformation.

It's about Best Practices. And, that was the topic for the meeting in Dallas last week. I attended, on behalf of SIPquest, the Client company. As the newbie on the team, I took on the responsibility of leading a team to define the Interoperability Best Practices Prime job description. Great fun.

I also spoke this past week with the folks at Chantry Networks, a division of Siemens, to discuss FMC, the context of MobileIGNITE and possible issues for folks in this enterprise WiFI-centric business. It was wonderful seeing my old friends Brian Collie and Bob Myers.

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