While at Lotusphere, I spoke with several  Nortel  folks in attendance, manning the booth and being on a panel during the analyst/press session. We talked about the different elements of the Nortel-IBM relationship, in particular the base of the Nortel SCS 500.

 The Nortel SCS 500, which is their system i IP PBX implementation that is designed to compete on system i with the 3Com VCX, is actually the SIPfoundry (SIPX project) code base. Or, at least is substantially based on the SIPX release. Nortel imbedded its own intellectual property to extend the open source base. 

The idea is to aim this unique code base with Nortel quality engineering and documentation into IBM business partners. New products for new channels. Great idea.

As recently as last week, I didn't think that the major players would be so open source friendly as to actually use the code or as to actually contribute IPR to the project. I stand corrected, when it comes Nortel, at least.

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