As previously exmplained in other posts, I’ve recently migrated my family server to a new Mac Mini Server (2 x 1 TB hard drives, no optical drive) with Mac OS X Server, running Mountain Lion 10.8.3.

iphone-emailDespite the inconvenience of having to install MySQL separately in order to run the web sites (like this one) I do run on this server, I am impressed with the quality and stability of the server software. The Mail service, in addition to the web service, is the real workhorse in our operation. I have been impressed with the simple and sophisticated features for mail operation. First of all, the server has been tuned to recognize that it’s in a mobile world, where a typical user will have their mail accessed from several devices – iPhone, iPad and even Mac. In rev 10.5 (I don’t know if this was the case in 10.6), the IMAP service could not keep track. Now, in Mountain Lion and OS X Server, the Mail server enables IMAP service for mobile-enabled users and keeps track of the fact that a message had been read on the iPhone, marking it as read (or not) on the MacBook Pro’s Mail client. Nice piece of continuity work there.



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