One of our recent ad hoc polls showed that 74% of respondents had used PC video conferencing within the past year while another ad hoc poll showed that 64% had tried Skype video service.

This report constructs the PC Video Conferencing Panel as those who consider PC video communications to be important or very important to business success. The demographic profiles of these professionals are reviewed and presented.

This report goes into more detail on what the PC Video Conferencing Panel’s experience, expectations and views are about the importance, quality of experience and satisfaction with the PC video conferencing experience. The report includes useful tables about the typical consumption of PC video conferencing services and how they’ve changed since 2007, when Brockmann & Company first started reporting on this market segment.

Expectations on growth in the frequency of meetings and growth in the length of meetings are also reviewed.

We’re bullish on the growth potential of PC video conferencing because of the many trends we see pushing use, expectations and quality up. As the consumer space gets more exposure to mobile video, as the quality of PC-attached technologies including encoding-assist and transcoding servers, infrastructures and unified video services that connect PC users to telepresence and room video conferencing suites grows and as standardized software for Scalable Video Coding gets widely deployed there is nowhere for PC video to go but up.

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