Normal 0 0 1 173 991 8 1 1217 11.1287 0 0 0   Pittsburgh Steeler rookie center Maurkice Pouncey is the only person in the whole world that believes that he will play in Sunday’s Super Bowl XLV.

I am not going to question the kid’s (he is younger than I) heart or ability but I am going to question his brain.  After suffering a high ankle sprain two weeks ago in the AFC Championship game versus the New York Jets, many in the media called the injury a four to six week recovery, and called him out of the Super Bowl.  So with Pouncey only being either half or one-third the way through his recovery, why does he believe so strongly that he will play?  I guess he did not study too hard for his major of social and behavioral science at the University of Florida, because this makes no sense.  Unless of course Pouncey is willing to lose his leg and be, for lack of a better term, the weakest link on the Steelers offensive-line of course.

While his coach Mike Tomlin did not rule him out, Adam Schefter for ESPN has.  While I could care less if Pouncey plays, I am quite sure that Green Bay Packers nose tackle BJ Raji does.  Raji must be licking his chops at the possibility of playing either an injured Pouncey or the backup, Doug Legursky.

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