Practical analysis of Web Conferencing Applications Points to Key Features

January 8, 2008, Northborough MA – Brockmann and Company the customer insight firm released its Web Conferencing Buyers Guide to provide advice for IT decision makers about how to structure their decision process. Complementing the popular Best Practices in Web Conferencing blog entries (Best Practices in Events, Best Practices in Product Demonstrations), this independently produced, self-funded Buyers Guide discusses the key features of web conferencing services by comparing them across the marketing event, the product demo and internal meetings.

"This report makes it easier for the IT organization to understand the business requirements for web conferencing. Based on our own use, experimentation with and understanding of the applications and both available and emerging technologies, users can use our Guide as a time-saving tool to validate the importance of various features. Separating the must haves from the nice-to-have features are important in feature-rich competitive markets and this report is a great starting point," said Peter Brockmann, President of Brockmann & Company.

Brockmann & Company have published over a dozen reports on the business conferencing experience including The Perfect Storm: Why Video Conferencing Will Dominate Business Communications. Interested users and IT analysts are invited to register and view the content now.

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