New report notes that 68% expect frequency to increase, 34% expect meetings to lengthen

JUNE 28, 2007 – Northborough MA – Brockmann & Company, the customer insight firm released their latest report entitled “The Perfect Storm: Why Video Conferencing Will Dominate Business Communications.” The report provides insights into the adoption and consumption of vide conferencing for IT decision makers by analyzing the experiences of peers and competitors.

“All the ingredients are present for huge growth in business video conferencing products and services. The 350 respondents told us that although conferencing is very important to their business, it is definitely not a very satisfying experience,” said Peter Brockmann, President of Brockmann & Company and author of the report.

Video conferencing had been notorious for poor audio and picture quality, high cost, complicated setup and unreliable operation. But that is changing:

  • Video conferencing creates time, something business people need more now than ever before. Unlike face-to-face meetings, video meetings have no travel time associated with them and no need for expense reports. Video conferences are 10% shorter than face-to-face meetings;
  • Video conferencing can now effectively leverage the Internet or converged Wide Area Network services, instead of complicated and costly phone company circuits;
  • Breakthroughs in camera, VoIP quality and flat panel monitors make it very easy and pleasant to participate;
  • Users expectations for home theatre-quality and cost are driving the leading solution providers to focus on improving the user experience.

Brockmann added, “Probably the greatest factor driving the growth is the link to higher business performance.” The report compares the business performance metrics of the Top Performers who had invested 50 times more time attending video conferences than their Poor Performing peers and found that Top Performers had:

  • 20% more very satisfied customers
  • 72% more very satisfied employees
  • 85% more revenue per employee
  • 20% more market share
  • 5.5 times higher satisfaction with the conferencing experience

The report is available for free download for a limited time at and on leading content-distribution sites.


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