In December 2007, the US public health organization, the [[Centers for Disease Control and Prevention]] released a report documenting their observations about the number of US cell phone users that have disconnected their home land lines.

The report discovered that a substantial number of the population had removed the more traditional land lines and relied entirely on their mobile carriers. This may not seem so bad, but consider how deep the behavior has become:

  • "Adults living in the South (17.1%) and Midwest (15.3%) were [50%] more likely than adults living in the Northeast (10.0%) to be living in households with only wireless telephones." 

It also mentions that adults living in metropolitan areas are more likely to be living in household with only wireless telephones, and that adults living in poverty (8.6%) and adults living near poverty (11.4%) were less likely than higher income adults (15.9%) to be living in wireless-mostly households.

With more and more adults and young adults changing to lifestyles with just mobile phones, instead of having at least the land line telephones, the CDC is facing difficulty in getting representative samples through their telephone surveys.  The CDC fears that their surveys will be unbalanced which could lead to inappropriate policy decisions or indecisions. 

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