Qtask-LogoWhile at Enterprise 2.0 here in Boston, I met up with Russell Mix, CEO of Qtask, the Burbank CA, Syndey Australia and St Petersburg Russia software company who briefed me on the product and its market. After only nine months in the market, Qtask has achieved some 3,000 subscribers from organizations of all sizes.

What brings these customers to the SaaS project management company is the need to assure transparency and accountability. Some organizations pride themselves on their business process. Some organizations NEED to pride themselves on their business process, especially in this down economy. So, for the most professional and productive teams, work units or companies, a renewed focus on the business process can become the defining mechanism of how they control work and focus resources on the things that need to get done to create value for customers.

For these customers, teams and workgroups the challenge of adopting any serious process-oriented technology has been security, ubiquity and discipline. Qtask addresses all of these issues:

  • Only authenticated users have access to their authenticated and assigned work tasks and content.
  • The use of a SaaS implementation means that users can login from any Internet-attached computer which unless you work in a particularly isolated organization means anywhere.
  • The discipline issue is addressed in two ways: by making the implementation very, very convenient including offering a mobile-optimized dashboard that is addressable from any web browser-supporting mobile device (See this page for more feature comparisons); and by providing easy reporting services that indicate who’s late, really late and who isn’t using the product.

So, for complex projects where users could be part of different companies or where users are separated by time and geography, or where the scope of tasks make for a very complex operation, Qtask is well positioned to be an inexpensive ($30/user/month) and highly functional solution to make sure resources are focused and productive.

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