can’t just be about the application of real-time business communications for mobile users. We think that it is important to also share insights and perspectives on the specific solutions and their components including devices, applications, services and server products. Our intent is to discuss innovation and the market evolution of mobile UC solutions. We’ve organized this content around these four key classes of capabilities:

  • Products – our team participates in frequent vendor briefings and present our thoughts on innovations, technologies and market approaches that we believe are particularly relevant to visitors.
  • Applications – some companies have sophisticated needs that go beyond the core products or services. The vendors and capabilities that offer specific component elements of a mobile UC solution such as security, VPN or device management are reviewed here.
  • Devices – some devices are better at mobile UC than others. Here we will share our thoughts and perspectives on the latest releases of the relevant devices.
  • Services – carrier solutions and service initiatives for mobile UC are presented here because not all solutions have to be purchased as an enterprise appliance. Some implementations are optimized for hosted services. No doubt the mobile operators will play a role in enabling mobile UC too. As they bring their capabilities to our attention, we’ll be reviewing them here.

Dynamic and sophisticated markets, like mobile UC, are able to present choices to customers, and in this section we review specific categories of capabilties that may be competitive, or may be complementary, depending on the specific requirements and geographies of the user-enterprise.

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