Yes, I do get invited to speak on panels every now and then.

Body: Check this out.

I'll be presenting on a panel with Gary Audin and two other data networking vendors about data network and IP Telephony security – see page 23.

  • Is Your Data Network Ready for Voice? Part 2: Security
  • Moderator: Gary Audin, President, Delphi Inc
  • Speakers:
  • Ian Gray, Senior Product Marketing Manager, VoIP Applications, Foundry Networks
  • Varun Nagaraj, Vice President, Product Management, Extreme Networks
  • Peter Brockmann, Vice President, 3Com Voice Solutions Marketing
  • Network security continues to be one of the major concerns for enterprises as they migrate toward convergence. Since you're building your converged network on top of your existing data network, all enterprise managers need to understand what threats are out there for data networks, how these threats are likely to evolve in a converged environment and how your data network will have to be modified or upgraded to protect all convergence traffic. This session will give you advice on hardening your data network for convergence.
  • Key Questions:
  • Will Today's major security threats – viruses, denial of service attacks and eavesdropping – also be the most severe threats in a converged environment?
  • In a VOIP network, must call control and media traffic be handed differently in terms of security? What risks is each type of traffic prone to , and what attacks can be launched against them?
  • What is the role of encryption in converged networks?
  • What are the unique issues in endpoint security in a converged network?
  • How secure are most IP PBXs against hacking?

This sounds like fun and should be informative. I promise to do more homework to prepare for Gary's questions and to prepare for your questions too. (If you want to send me some preparatory notes or questions that you might have – email them in!)

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