Surprise! There's a large and vibrant community of applications developers that have focused on SIP as a mechanism for enabling interoperability of their applications with call control and enabling the communications aspects of their application.

4.    SIP applications abound.
Internet search engines are an amazing proxy for markets and issues. Their objective is to scour the entire Internet, capture prose, process whatever it finds and quickly present it to users with some rank ordering that approximates users’ views of relevancy. Google, in particular is an effective measure of ‘buzz’ because of its discipline in presenting content consistent with users’ views of relevancy.

So, check out the number of references on when searching for “SIP applications”, “H.323 applications” and “Cisco Skinny Call Control Protocol.”

  • Google and 'SIP Applications'  – In January 2005, this was over 1.3 million references
  • Google and 'H.323 Applications' – In January 2005, this was only 300,000 references
  • Google and 'Skinny Call Control Protocol Applications' – In January 2005, there were less than 90,000 references.

Impressive comparison.

In this analysis, the tradeoffs of open and simple (SIP) versus open and complex (H.323) and one proprietary and competing method is shown. SIP enables a greater degree of choice for end users, something derived from the enormous flexibility of the simple, open protocol.

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