skypeWith the upcoming IPO, Skype is out marketing itself and its capabilities as a growing enterprise. GigaOm presented a nice candlestick graph showing growth in revenue – now producing $153 million/quarter up some 21% over first quarter 2008. With 445 million subscribers, there really aren't too many clubs that are as large as this, except maybe Catholicism or Google neither of which keeps track of your password.

Interesting Skype minute statistics:

  • 23.6 billion skype-to-skype minutes in Q1, 2009
  • 2.9 billion skypeout minutes in Q1, 2009

Skype reportedly is the largest international phone company, delivering some 8% of all human-to-human voice communications. Most phone companies only participate in one end of that international communication while Skype is designed as a global service, so is quite capable of handling both ends of the typical call.

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