Earlier this month, I had a video conference with Peter Nutley, TANDBERG’s product marketing director, who recently moved up to the Boston area from TANDBERG’s Reston Virginia USA headquarters. {welcome to New England Peter} Peter briefed me on the company’s recent TANDBERG Total Telepresence announcement, which is the latest improvements to the company’s telepresence suite, multi-point telepresence unit and services.

Complementing the T1 Personal Telepresence offering, TANDBERG Telepresence T3 rebuilds the telepresence suite with an entirely new approach to experience engineering, materials, features, colors and with the help of the infrastructural elements, presentation and interaction options.

A T3 system comes with:

  •  3 x the company’s new C90 codec
  • 3 x new 1080p 65” monitors
  • 3 x (30 frames per second now, but with software upgrade in early 2009 will be 60 fps capable) PrecisionHD cameras
  • Table with 3 x touch collaboration screens built-in to the table
  • 6 x wide-band directional microphones and speakers builtin to the monitor panels
  • Ceiling lights in front and behind participants to really make them ‘pop’ in transmission


  • Chairs
  • Wall packaging including wood paneling and front/rear blue panels with backlight
  • Second-row bench seats


As you’d expect with such a comprehensive offer, the price tag is comprehensive too: $299,000 and with options, total MSRP can rise an additional $39,000. Although TANDBERG is accepting orders now, shipments won’t be complete until early 2009.

Brockmann Prediction:

Expect in Q2 a T2 offering that positions smaller rooms with lesser functionality and lesser price (probably in the $149,000-$199,000 range).



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