tandberg-on24Using the on24.com infrastructure, TANDBERG President of Americas delivered a 'green' presentation to online registrants on Wednesday February 27. 2008. 

That's Rick Snyder on the left and one of his regional marketing managers on the right who moderated the presentation (sorry, I forgot to write down his name).

Rick covered TANDBERG ipsos-MORI study of 17,000 consumers from around the world and their desire to participate in green companies and how they admire companies that are green in practice.

Rick also spoke of TANDBERG's own green path including the company audit of practices and how its technologies actually help them and their customers avoid business travel.

This author was most impressed with how smoothly TANDBERG used its own technology to deliver the session. How do I know?

The moderator picked up the remote between him and Rick and pointed it at the camera, moving the screen to concentrate on Rick. That's how.  

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