When I went to New York on vacation in the spring of 2001, I took my kids to the Broadway show called 'Bells are Ringing', starting Faith Prince. Faith Prince starred as an answering service operator that didn't just gather the messages and disposition the calls. She got involved with her clients' lives, to great comedic effect. Of course the FBI thought there were more sinister aspects to the operation, but it all came down to true love in the end. Before I took my kids into the show (aged 16, 14, 12 and 10) I had to stop and explain to them what existed before voicemail, so they would appreciate the context of the show's story line.

Continuing the great tradition of 'Suzanthaphone', the company highlighted in the show, Messages Plus is a nationwide live telephone answering service answering service for all industries. They answer for their client companies in their business names and follow the call handling instructions for all calls. Services range from virtual receptionist to call center service.

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