teslalogoTesla Motors Inc had their IPO this past Tuesday (june 29, 2010) as one of America’s newest and more promising electric automobile companies.

Tesla Motors, according to the Wall Street Journal (sub required), Telsa’s IPO May be long drive for Investors is, against conventional wisdom not making a profit, and not expecting to earn a profit until some time in 2012, after their lower priced larger volume model S is put into production. In the meantime, the Tesla Roadster offers exciting performance for only $101,500. The power of all-electric cars like the Tesla portfolio is in the drive train. The Tesla driver has no clutching/gearing to worry about – only acceleration and breaking. The simpler, single gear ratio delivers raw performance at the driver’s command.

They’ve thought a lot about the charging of the battery which can be done at home in as little as four hours.

This could be a glimpse of how smaller auto makers will dominate fast growing market niches that ultimately grow into segments attracting the major car companies. GM for example, hopes to introduce the Checy Volt as a consumer-centric, high volume electric sedan that would be a cheaper model S.

Named after the great Serbian-American inventor [[Nikola Tesla]], the company has focused on delivering electric sports cars to a discerning customer. With impressive performance – 5.6 seconds to 60 MPH and 300 miles per charge with zero emissions – the soon to be shipping (beginning in 2012) Model S website can take your order today for the $49,000 sports car.

Electric cars could definitely be a lot of fun.

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