Are you confused about what all the HD Video fuss is about?

Do you need to get your HD video conferencing project approved by someone who is skeptical about what it can do for your business?

Are there other executives less enthused about the power and business impact that need to be educated?

Here’s the report for you (them).

This paper is designed to equip an executive decision maker with the details they need to know to be able to make effective decisions about high definition (HD) video conferencing projects within the firm.

This report reviews:

  • The changes in the market over the past five years.
  • The link between HD video conferencing and higher business performance.
  • The case for changing business travel patterns.
  • Three interdependent Critical Success Factors to assure a successful initiative in your company.
  • Five key considerations are discussed to determine if the proposed implementation goes far enough, thinks long-term enough, is resourced within the network to assure a high quality experience, encompasses customers and suppliers and has the measurement practices in place to assure monitoring of project success and milestones.

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