There are several important perspectives to review today. Firstly, the sun did rise without the ‘encouragement’ of the President. The sun did rise without the help of our federal government. The electricity on my stove flowed this morning so I could fry up a couple of eggs. The hot water of the shower still scalded me. The paved road and highways here in northern California were still paved. The bridges bridged. The highway signs did their signage thing. ALL of this, was delivered to me without the help of the federal government. 

Well, the US Congress and President did not reach a consensus or compromise, so we have a shutdown. Big deal.

I blame the President. I blame the Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid. They are both so happy to demonize policy opponents with nasty names, announcing the boundaries of what they will and won’t vote on or sign and then finds it suprising that there is no willingness on the part of the counterparts to negotiate? Duh. 

Time for a timeout.

And a spanking coming if this isn’t resolved quickly.

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