Earlier today, I’ve updated our billboard to reflect this amazing new result of the Brockmann Method. This is not only an update in terms of moving the back-test calculation forward from October 31, 2017 to April 2018, but also reflects modifications to the root Model at the heart of the Brockmann Method. This change in the basics enables a 26% improvement in the result at October 31, 2017. Pretty important we thought.

You might ask, why change what’s already working?

Despite the 26% improvement on return over the past decade, the new model also gives us improved insights to the recent past. We’re always looking to improve our understanding of the realities at the heart of our models and methods and this improvement is just too sweet to ignore. As well, we plan to share these results directly in the Beyond ETFs app so users can do their own “what if” modeling too and determine the impacts of what the Brockmann Method might have meant to them.

For our subscribers, this new model is already integrated into the Zone Changes report.

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