inventionnationSatellite TV is such a wonderful collection of niche shows on niche channels. It's a classic model of market horizontalization. The vertically integrated TV networks, showing a little bit of game shows, some sports, news, some situation comedy's, some home improvement shows… have been redistributed as an all-game shows channel, all news channel, all sports, all comedies, all home improvement and in fact several of each of these types where some even get into sub-categories.

This market evolution is a great bonanza for independent distribution and production companies since their products can address a niche and the channel is satisfied with relatively low (a million viewers is apparently a good audience) viewership, because the viewers are loyal and know when to watch.

One show last night, with back to back episodes on the Discovery Science Channel was the Invention Nation. The show chronicles the adventures of three engineers traveling the country in a green, vegetable oil-powered bus as they meet other 'green' innovators who are recycling, reusing and reducing and eat the vegetables they grow on the roof of the bus.

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