Some of our survey respondents gave their views on ‘What's stopping you from doing more video conferencing in your job today?’ 

It is all about communication.  About 30% of communication when people meet is verbal.  The rest of Body language, look in eye and many things we pick up su-consciously.  Traditional Video Conferencing got the Verbal piece but not necessarily with the lips in Sync.  Quality was also an issue.  How can you have a serous meeting looking at 6 people on a 25" screen, you cannot tell if they shaved that day or not, let alone see in the eyes if they are been honest.  So a simple conferece call worked just as well.  Also Video conferencing system always had been notoriously difficult to set up and while that may be overcome by the likes of you and I, the average C level person would not have the ego damaged by failing to do something.  So they jump on the place instead.  

Network Design Director, Service Provider, UK

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