Some of our survey respondents gave their views on ‘What advice would you give a peer contemplating investment in video conferencing capabilities?’

Video conferencing networks quickly become multi-purpose networks.  Often the first application is to support management meetings but the power of visual communications is quickly adopted in an organization today and it gets applied to many other business applications.  It can be the main supply chain management network so suppliers can see the problem real time.  It can be the foundation for organizational learning delivering trianing to all corners of an organization.  For large equipment manufacturers, equipment demonstrations can be dilivered over video to remote sales offices minimizing the need for prospective customers to travel.  In many cases equipment maintenace is delivered over video where a remote expert can coach onsite technicians through troubleshooting tasks seeing exactly what the issue is and collaborate real-time.  This greatly increases SLA (Service Level Agreements) performance.  To enable this multi-purpose applications the video solution needs to be robust enough to grow into these applications.  There are few suplliers that can handle all these very well, seamlessy and with the ease of use that encourages great usage and adoption rates.  Video quickly becomes a stragic asset and the right investment can be the difference between truly acceleration the organization vs. just avoiding some travel costs.  

JohnPaul Williams, Tandberg, USA 

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