Surprising to many, but not to those who work with Vish, the word 'Vish' has been declared a verb…

Body: I found it hard to imagine, but it's true. In the newsletter FierceVoIP, Secure Computing positioned the latest scare as 'Vishing' as a variant of the infamous social engineering security breech – 'phishing.'

In vishing, the perpetrator uses VoIP-based Interactive Voice Response technology to call you home late at night, identify itself as a credit card bank, report suspicious activity on your card, and asks you to 'speak or press' your 16-digit credit card number directly into the phone…. and in this way they've stolen your card details from a time you were particularly trusting and vulnerable to suggestion.

[From my experience, middle of the night calls are only bad news…]

Vish, of course joins the proper names 'Peter' and 'Mike' as verbs too – {petering on the brink of disaster, or Let's mike you up…}

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