If better communications leads to business performance, then voice mail broadcasts lead to better performance…

Let's consider the impact of a coach's pep-talk in the confines of the locker room. Everybody's squeezed in. All eyes are on the coach. There's a odd silence as players, in all their padding, in all their physical glory kneel and lower their breathing as if in prayer, to catch every word about to embark from the coach's mouth.

He doesn't start with a yell. But it ends with one. He doesn't start fast. But it ends fast.

We all know the scene. Maybe we've never lived it, but we all know it from TV, from movies and from real life. We all know how important motivational speaking is. It's never a matter of sending the speech out via email, but to hear the emotion. Hear the passion. Hear the rhythm.

It's what binds the players together; it's what joins them all in a noble endeavor; to strive for success and depend on each other.

That's why voice mail broadcast is so important. And that's the link between communications and business performance. It's emotional and it's very, very real.

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