gn_9350_01_200One of the coolest companies I met with at VoiceCon was GN Netcom, also commonly associated with their brand Jabra, the Danish company focused on headsets for enterprise and consumer markets. Their elegant technologies were displayed in brightly lit displays. It was like presenting jewelry.

I met with Patrick Pecorelli, VP Marketing where we discussed the company's various offerings. 

The company offers an extensive set of appliances:

  • Headsets that offer comfortable, wearable microphones and earphones with USB interfaces for PC clients such as Skype, Microsoft Office Communicator and SIP softphones
  • Bluetooth wireless headsets that mobilize landline and IP phone users
  • Bluetooth headsets that home to mobile phones
  • Bluetooth hubs
  • Noise suppression DSPs and processors that reduce noise on incoming calls
  • Slick battery-powered BlueTooth speaker phones for your car
  • Multi-use headset that combines the phone headset, mobile phone Bluetooth extension and UC client

Jabra headsets are available through office supply retailers, telecom distributors and both online and catalog IT resellers.

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