kevinkennedy_thYou know you're in trouble when the best part of the presentation is the joke.

In his VoiceCon debut, Kevin Kennedy, the new CEO of Avaya offered a completely underwhelming presentation on SIP and built a rather weak case for an uber-SIP registrar, called the Avaya Aura. Despite the silly name, there is little value add to an uber-registrar since SIP registrars can work with peers as part of the numbering plan. The briefing I had with the folks from Unimax helped clarify the kind of useful features necessary in a multi-vendor environment (all large companies are multi-vendor environments), and they were more centered around making people's lives easier, automating frequent business processes and enforcing standardized policies.

Well, maybe next year we can have a decent presentation…

The joke was about how he visited a recent website and answered all manner of questions about his personal habits and family history to predict that he would live to 100 years or more. When he told his son what great genes they all had, his college-aged son replied, "bummer."



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