VoIP applications drive convergence between VoIP and wireless, and between wireless and fixed networks.

It’s true. Up to most recently, VoIP has been the domain of IP network attached devices like PCs, or home gateways connected to the Internet.Well, one VoIP provider, Callwave.com , has signed a wholesale deal with AT&T (now Cingular) to offer a CallWave-branded mobile service with cool VoIP applications – listen-in voicemail so you can barge in on someone’s message or forward a call in progress to a land line.

Another VoIP provider, IPDrum.com , offers a cable to connect your PC (running Skype), so you can use the wireless network to reach an Internet gateway and then to the Skype server. Great for calling to another PC, but not that useful for a PSTN-attached device.

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