Great weekend. 

Sunny, dry, 65º F in the morning, no wind. Great for running and great for software too.

I ran Saturday, Sunday and this morning on my newest route, north and east of the hotel on the Los Gatos Creek Trail past the end. It ends at some elementary school in western San Jose CA but if you continue along the street, you can go farther. I ran along Willow Street to Lincoln and then turned north on Lincoln which connects with another arm of the trail and back down the route, for a 4.5-mile snippet. Tempo was up with the first mile under nine minutes, and the first two averaging ~ 9:10. Felt great.

After showering on Saturday, breakfast and morning errands which included car wash (the rental car was two months in our possession, but never washed until Saturday). Then MISSION: Impossible courtesy of NetFlx, from 1972-ish. Software-wise, I did some things for work, and then got to fixing the bug that really bothered me about iDashboard – my app for tracking your financial investments. Nailed it by 6 pm!

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