Today I had my first ever colonoscopy. The procedure went quick, I was under ‘conscious sedation’ but slept through it, and I immediately went to iHOP and filled up with an omlette and pancakes. It’s not that I was particularly hungry or anything. It just seemed like the right thing to do. Besides, there’s a new iHOP in our town, and I like going there.

My preparation day (Monday) – no solids, only clear liquids (coffee, no-sugar-added apple juice, chicken broth) and two laxatives (one’s a tiny pill and the other is a white powder added to 60 oz of diet ginger ale) – was spent in a track suit with periodic trips to the toilet. 

I spent the day (yesterday and today) polishing up my web development skills, but updating the websites – and – to the latest templates and CMS levels. My goal is to leverage these technologies into more and more of my web work for clients.

The pastor at my local parish church asked me to coordinate the process of rebuilding our parish website. I’ve agreed to do so on the condition that we commit to integrating the website into our various ministerial communications processes. It is currently an online brochure and in my view, the web has the potential to be much, much more. It could be a source of energy driving the New Evangelization that the pope has talked about. It can be a decentralized platform for informing our members what’s going on, when, and where. The broad arching campaigns of the parish – Partners in Charity Appeal, Graduation Mass, Community Garden, Band Recruiting, Young Neighbors in Action, Choir, New Hymnals – can all be coordinated, referenced and fed into and out of the site. It will be a fun project to discuss the potential and coordinate the development. 

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