brockmann_green1Here's 10 tips that I'm following through on today. This is a starting point to working on reducing your personal carbon footprint.

1. Calculate your typical carbon footprint.

2. Walk, bicycle, take public transit, hybrid or motorcycles to work or to run errands.

3. Open the windows instead of operating fans, heating or air conditioning.

4. Drink tap water instead of bottled water (it really is clean anyways and delays the recycling of the one-time use plastic bottle).

5. Read research on being green.

6. Pay cash instead of credit card today (the computing, networking, storage, printing, mailing, bill-paying technologies in support of credit card transactions today consume electricity).

7. Video or audio conference calls instead of face-to-face meetings where one of us have to drive or travel to attend. 

8. Buy something used on eBay instead new in the store.

9. Turn off the lights in empty rooms. 

10. Plant a tree. 

Next week, I'll be attending the Energy Camp at Interop in Las Vegas. I'll also be interviewing a number of companies – DLink, Cisco, LifeSize – to understand their green claims a little better.

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