brockmann_video4There are many issues with telepresence. It's very, very expensive. It's also very, very excellent quality. Check out this graphic of typical telepresence room geometry. Note a few important items.

There is a half-width table up against the flat panel monitors and cameras. It involves much more video equipment – in this configuration 3 cameras and 3 monitors at each end. It delivers three (in this case) video streams in one video conference, so naturally it will consume more bandwidth. The remote end sees three heads all about the same actual size. 

I'm not sure that the electronics have to be significantly different than the latest high definition technologies, because there is no need for bridging any video, since the left hand user can see the monitor in front of the right hand person. Audio-wise, two of the three systems are muted.

There may be other techniques that need discussion too. Techniques like 'through the monitor' cameras. We believe that the folks at Digital Video Enterprises of Irvine CA, presented as much in San Diego at TelePresence World in June. 


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