wikis-smallcompaniesWikis are important and growing platforms for capturing and sharing corporate knowledge. This report, on the adoption and consumption of wikis for customers, partners and employees among small businesses, which are organizations with less than 100 employees, reviews the business performance impacts of wiki adoption, consumption of wikis in support of business operations, drivers and plans for wiki adoption.

Small companies are not particularly better-off by deploying wikis in support of their employees, customers and partners. Our research shows that the impacts on customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction and revenue per employee are within the margin of error – meaning there’s no discernable difference. The low order of performance benefits and the low incidence of deployment – 16% of small organizations have deployed wikis for employees while only 6% have deployed wikis for customers and partners – suggests that most small companies do not need the shared knowledge disciplines typically associated with deploying and operating wikis.

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