According to the Brockmann Methodology, which frames a large amount of our research, Top Performers are the 15.9% (1 standard deviation) at the top of the index that rank ordered the results of the research participants.

Our research process is quite simple:

  1. Ask lots of probing questions about the question at hand.
  2. Ask about the participant’s business performance.
  3. Calculate the Spam Index, Green Quotient, Video Propensity Index, Quality Index, Mobility Index or whatever Index that is based on the answers to 1 that generates some differentiation of the study respondents.
  4. Sort the respondents such that the low scores are at one end (Poor Performers are usually at the low end, although in the case of the Spam Index this was reversed since a low score is an indicator of Top Performers) and the high scores are at the other end of the database.
  5. Compare the business performance attributes averaged for the Top Performers to the business performance attributes of the Poor Performers.

This interval between the Top Performers and the Low Performers forms the basis for our recommendations and Best Practices that contribute to the Top Performer’s results.

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